Rudy Van Geele (Gent/Belgium, 1955) works as an independent designer since 1987. He creates his personal collections and finishes them single-handed. He also creates lightobjects, as well as metal furniture as unique objects or in limited series. He delivers made-to-measure orders for private persons, governments or concerns.

“I want to create objects which carry and express all of my questions and hesitations. The curved designs are, the way they are, a metaphor for my searching. I create objects to which I have personal feelings of tact and beauty and which fulfil my thinking.”


Since 1987 Rudy participated in different exhibitions in and outside Belgium.

In Belgium he co-operated from 1992 till 2000 with the gallery “Claude André” in Brussels and from 1995 till 2000 with the gallery “Mu” in Antwerp. Amongst others he presented his work in gallery “De Roeschaert” in Houtave, “De Doeyer” in Nederzwalm, “Villa Eksternest” in Rumbeke, “Arte Domus” in Kortrijk and on different occasions in the gallery of “VIZO” in Brussels.

Since 1994 he co-operates with gallery “Theaxus” in Kluisbergen where he presented his work on different occasions.

He took part in the fairs “Casa Europea” in Antwerp, “Classic” in Kortrijk, “Lineart” and “Sfeer” in Gent.

He also presented his work in the “Hortamuseum” in Brussels, the “Douviehuis” in Watou, the “Landcommanderij” in Alden-Biesen and on different occasions in the “Designmuseum” in Gent.

Outside Belgium he cooperated from 1994 till 2001 with the gallery “Mostini” in Paris, France, and from 1996 till 2001 with the gallery “OTZ” in Delft, Holland.

His work was seen in Paris in the “Espace Eiffel Branly”, in the gallery “Via”, on “Paas” and “Scènes d`intérieur”, as well as in the gallery “Poirel” in Nancy, France.


In Germany his work was presented in `Das Belgische Haus` in Cologne and in the `ICC` in Berlin, in England in the `Romney March Crafts Gallery` in Kent, in Spain in the `Palau Marc` in Barcelona and in the Netherlands in `De Brakke Grond` in Amsterdam.

From June 2002 until mai 2017 Rudy Van Geele had his own window gallery in the St-Jacobsnieuwstraat 28, Gent, Belgium. The window gallery was not the usual type of gallery, because one cannot enter it. It were two windows giving a view into a room, showing changing exhibitions with objects created and finished by him.